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The rates

You will find the room rates in the document below. Click on the PDF document to open it.

You will also find the rates for each room on their respective page (under the description of the equipment) 

For your information, online reservation platforms such as Airbnb or apply commissions and fees of 15 to 20% of the amount of your reservation.

When you book directly with the Relais des Roses, you will save on these costs -Quick booking


2 personss

awayst of80.00€


Up to five people

from 85.00€ for two


Up to 4 people

from 115.00€


Up to five people

from 130.00€

Sauna detente relax chill zen bois wood.jpg

Cottage with Private Sauna

Up to three people
- from 95.00€ per night

salon aperitif vintage authentic.jpg
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